Mana Gharun (researcher at ETH Zurich) cordially invites you to submit abstracts to the EGU session “New methods for bridging understanding of carbon and water fluxes from leaf to continents”.

The abstract submission is open now and deadline is 12 January. EGU 2022 is planned onsite as well as online.




A recently published study lead by Sophia Etzold (ICOS-CH scientist at WSL) shows that only a small part of the vegetation period is used for annual growth, hence trees only grow on a few days per year. Daily growth data measured by dendrometers within the TreeNet network were used. Read more in the WSL News!

Etzold S, Sterck F, Bose AK, Braun S, Buchmann N, Eugster W, Gessler A, Kahmen A, Peters RL, Vitasse Y, Walthert L, Ziemińska K, Zweifel R (2021) Number of growth days and not length of the growth period determines radial stem growth of temperate trees. Ecology Letters. doi: 10.1111/ele.13933

(Picture: R. Zweifel)


As every year, members of the ICOS-CH consortium are contributing to this year's Swiss Geoscience Meeting. The session "Atmospheric Composition and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions" (Session 17) is closely linked to ICOS and co-chaired by Martin Steinbacher (Empa) and Mana Gharun (ETH Zurich). Several ICOS-CH member are involved in posters and talks. Although originally planned to be held in Geneva, this year's Swiss Geoscience Meeting is again online due to the pandemic situation.


A recent article in The Bulletin of American Meteorological Society (BAMS) describes for the first time the structure and functioning of the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) Research Infrastructure. Read more here.

ICOS-CH_AnnualMeeting2021group picture

On 22 September, this year's ICOS-CH Annual Meeting has taken place successfully at ETH Zurich. Preparing the meeting needed quite some extra effort and back and forth thinking due to COVID-19 regulations and every now and then Susanne Burri, ICOS-CH coordinator, really asked herself if the decision to do an on-site meeting was right... It was! Despite certificate requirements and wearing masks during all sessions, the ICOS-CH consortium was very happy to finally meet again after two years!

Besides updates from the National Network as well as from ICOS RI, the program also included very interesting scientific presentations and lots of time to just enjoy good food and chat to each other - something which has become rare these days!  This was especially important since new partners from University of Basel had joined ICOS-CH beginning of July 2021. Finally, the ICOS-CH consortium thanked Martin Steinbacher (ICOS Atmosphere MSA chair) for his tremendous work as MSA vice chair (2013-2019) and MSA chair (since 2019 and until the end of this year). 

Of course, we all missed Nina Buchmann, ICOS-CH National Focal Point, who currently is on her well-earned Sabbatical in Sweden. But Lukas Emmenegger did an excellent job as Vice-Focal Point at the fully-day meeting.

We are already looking forward to meeting again next year, this time in Basel!


We are very much looking forward to this year's ICOS-CH Annual Meeting to update each other on ICOS-CH facts and science. The ICOS-CH consortium will meet for an on-site meeting for the first time after two years! Find the published agenda here.


On 24 August, Mana Gharun (ICOS-CH Postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich) and Werner Eugster (ETH Zurich) took the participants of the Summer School FORMON - Long-​term Forest Monitoring on an excursion to the Davos station. The 26 students from many European countries highly appreciated the physical visit to a forest site and our excursion guide!


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Today, ICOS Switzerland enters its new project phase! Funding by SNF (ICOS-CH Phase 3, 2021-2025) and in-house contributions will ensure continued measurements at the two ICOS Class 1 stations Jungfraujoch and Davos. With these two unique measurement stations and their exceptional geographical location in the central part of the Alps, ICOS-CH is an outstanding node within the ICOS RI network.



This year’s Swiss Geoscience meeting will take place in Geneva on 19/20 November 2021. The Plenary’s session topic "Climate, Resources and Environment: conflicts, synergies & compromises" sounds promising and session 17 on "Atmospheric Composition and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions" (co-chaired by ICOS-CH members) perfectly fits the ICOS context! Deadline for abstract submission is Tuesday, 31 August 2021.



A new study lead by Roman Zweifel (ICOS-CH PI at WSL) shows why trees grow primarily in the dark. Read more about it in the WSL news and find the study here!