ICOS-CH Documents

ICOS-CH Media Kit: Summarized information about ICOS Switzerland for media.

High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch Activity Report 2021: Annual report summarizing activities at the Jungfraujoch station.

Davos excursion guide (2019): A handy little guide to the ICOS Class 1 Ecosystem station Davos.

“On The Top” (2016): Booklet about research at Jungfraujoch.

ICOS-CH Labelling reports

These are the official reports written as the prerequisite for our stations to be officially certified as ICOS stations.

Labelling report for Jungfraujoch (labelled as ICOS Class 1 Atmosphere station in May 2018)

Labelling report for Davos (labelled as ICOS Class 1 Ecosystem station in November 2019)

Selected ICOS RI Documents

This is a handful of selected documents to give you an overview of ICOS RI. Many more documents (such as financial reports, labelling reports of other stations, rules and policies) can be found here.

ICOS Handbook (2022): Gives a comprehensive overview of ICOS both for the people already within our community as well as for the countries considering membership.

ICOS RI Annual Report 2021 (2022): Annual Report of ICOS RI, summarizing all ICOS RI activities and highlights of 2021.

ICOS Five-year Evaluation Report (2021): ICOS has been evaluated by an external Evaluation Committee at the end of its five-year implementation period. This is the evaluation report.

ICOS Strategy (2019): The ICOS strategy analyses the background and framework of ICOS. It draws conclusions for the further development of the research infrastructure and provides a vision beyond the next decade.

ICOS Impact Assessment Report (2018): This report communicates the findings of the baseline study for ICOS’ performance on achieving its  strategic objectives, which have been operationalised in 17 distinct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).