ICOS-CH Documents

Davos excursion guide (2019): A handy little guide to the ICOS Class 1 Ecosystem station Davos.

“On The Top” (2016): Booklet about research at Jungfraujoch.


ICOS RI Documents

ICOS Handbook (2020):  The ICOS Handbook 2020 gives a comprehensive overview of ICOS. It also describes the impacts of ICOS and the process for a country to participate in this research infrastructure.

ICOS RI Annual Report 2019 (2020): Annual Report of ICOS RI, summarizing all ICOS RI activities and highlights of 2019.

ICOS Strategy (2019): The ICOS strategy analyses the background and framework of ICOS. It draws conclusions for the further development of the research infrastructure and provides a vision beyond the next decade.

ICOS Impact Assessment Report (2018): This report communicates the findings of the baseline study for ICOS’ performance on achieving its  strategic objectives, which have been operationalised in 17 distinct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

ICOS Science Brochure (2017): A brochure explaining how ICOS works.

ICOS flyer (2018): A short leaflet about ICOS.