The agenda for this year's ICOS-CH Annual Meeting is published. The meeting will be virtual, but nevertheless, we are very much looking forward to meeting you all and to sharing interesting ICOS facts and science stories! Check out the agenda here.

ICOS Handbook

The revised handbook gives a comprehensive overview of ICOS, both for the ICOS community and for external stakeholders. Download the handbook and find out about ICOS, the National Network Switzerland and our Class 1 stations Davos and Jungfraujoch.



ICOS Conference

Due to Covid-19, the 4th ICOS Science Conference will be organised virtually from Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th of September 2020. Read more on the conference website...

DAVOS label on the wall

ICOS-​​Station PI Mana Gharun could finally send the long awaited picture: The official ICOS Class 1 Label has arrived at its “home” in Davos and is now installed in the hut.

DAVOS certificate

We can now prove: Davos is indeed labelled, the wooden ICOS RI certificate is here!


In its January 2020 issue, National Geographic features Konsta Punkka's effort to photograph ICOS sites. A picture from CLASS 1 Atmospheric Monitoring Station Jungfraujoch was chosen to illustrate the article. Congratulations!