New site description for Davos station published


After long and detailed data analysis lead by Roman Zweifel (ICOS PI at WSL), a new site description for the Davos station is now published on EnviDat. The material provided offers new information on the biomass and growth of trees in Davos. The measured variables are tree coordinates, tree height, tree age, stem diameter at breast height (DBH), radial stem growth measured by point dendrometers, tree species and health status. We found clear differences between SP and CP areas (SP: sparse measurements plots, measured every 10 years; CP: continuous measurement plots). The trees in the CP plots are taller, older and have a larger stem diameter. This is most likely due to the lack of management in the CP area. Based on this, we report separate statistical analyses for the SP and the CP plots as well as for a footprint-weighted approach which we will use for our eddy covariance measurements.