Update for Davos excursion guide


Now it is time to check out the long-awaited update of our Davos excursion guide! Since 2019, we have used the excursion guide on a regular basis for excursions who visited our ICOS Class 1 Ecosystem station, but also for other outreach purposes or just as a nice overview of the station as well as its surroundings. For the 2023 version, almost all figures and some of the text have been updated showing interesting, new scientific findings as well as reflecting our long-term measurements.

The excursion guide is a co-production of Susanne Burri (ICOS-CH coordinator), Werner Eugster, Iris Feigenwinter (Davos ICOS Station PI), Mana Gharun (former Davos ICOS Station PI) and Nina Buchmann (ICOS-CH Focal Point), ETH Zurich.

Design concept, pictograms: anamorph.ch