ICOS presented at ETH Zurich's public science program


On 27 November, ICOS Switzerland was part of an Experience Sunday of Treffpunkt Science City, ETH Zurich’s public science program. We were asked to host a demo booth, which should be dedicated to an exceptional workplace. Hence, referring to working at the ICOS Class 1 stations Davos or Jungfraujoch, it was entitled "Research at dizzy heights" ("Forschen in luftiger Höhe"). Because ETH Zurich is more involved at the Davos station, the focus of the exhibition was slighly more on this part of ICOS Switzerland. The visitors could test a CO2 sensor (infrared gas analyzer IRGA) from an eddy covariance system by blowing towards it, watch a researcher climb the 35 meter high of the Davos measuring tower in a video, but also learn about ICOS Switzerland and how it is embedded within ICOS RI. Even the video about Jungfraujoch station of the #ICOScapes photo campaign was part of it. For the little ones, there was the experiment "Climate change in a bottle", originally designed by ICOS Belgium, to marvel at.

Iris Feigenwinter (ICOS Davos station PI), Susanne Burri (ICOS Switzerland Coordinator) and Sabina Keller (Outreach specialist of the Grassland Sciences Group and organizer of the demo), all from ETH Zurich, were there to answer questions. 2200 visitors were registered at this full-day event, many of them passed our booth and we were excited about so many people interested in ICOS.

Our crew is ready for visitors!
Quite busy sometimes...
Climate change in a bottle
Blowing for a CO2 peak