ICOS presented at Kangaroo goes Science day


At this year's Kangaroo goes Science day, one hundred girls, the best of their class (level seven) who had taken part in the Kangaroo Mathematics Competition in March, were invited to visit ETH Zurich virtually. Sabina Keller from the Grassland Sciences group, headed by Nina Buchmann (ICOS-CH Focal Point), coordinated and organized two Plants and Sensors workshops for around 20 girls. The participants made and tested their own temperature sensor with the help of a kit sent to them beforehand. They learned about ICOS from Susanne Burri (ICOS-CH coordinator). And finally, they even "climbed" the ICOS Davos station with Mana Gharun (ICOS-CH Postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich). If you want to join Mana climbing the Davos station as well, check out this video!