ICOS-CH Phase 3 (2021-2025) funded!

Great news! ICOS Switzerland has received funding for the next four years (ICOS-CH Phase 3, 2021-2025). This will ensure the continuation of the ICOS measurements at the two ICOS Class 1 stations Jungfraujoch and Davos and another four years as part of ICOS RI! We are particularly happy about some statements on the long-​term measurements by the reviewers: "It is vital to GHG research that long-​term datasets such as those in ICOS-​CH continue to be maintained and thus should be supported. ... The long term records are the back bone of this research and are absolutely essential to make progress. ... These valuable contributions must be continued by complying with the now established ICOS RI standards, and with a time horizon of 20 years." And don't we love this statement "This is as good as it gets." Thanks!