Past and ongoing projects at Davos Station

Topic Project name Description Main variables Begin date End date Contact person Afiiliation Contact
Soil Give and take Investigate the role of soils in the water balance of Swiss forest ecosystems Volumetric soil moisture, soil water potential 2019 2023 Katrin Di Bella Meusburger WSL
Soil GRADCATCH Using natural environmental gradients to decipher the adaptation of soil microbial communities to climate change Soil microbial community 2021 2024 Peter Waldner WSL

Soil   Transition of sulfur nutrition from excessive supply to potential deficiency in spruce forests 5 mineral soil samples (0-10cm) collected in October 2021 2021 2023 Dorit Julich TU Dresden
Vegetation NFI Swiss National Forest Inventory NFI State and changes of Swiss forest 1983   Christoph Fischer WSL
Vegetation SanaSilva Forest health inventory Crown condition 1985   Arthur Gessler WSL
Vegetation Forest-CH Environmental Controls on Forest Growth in Switzerland Forest Growth 2011 2016 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Vegetation TreeNet The biological drought and growth indicator network Stem radius changes 2011   Roman Zweifel WSL
Vegetation deepT Using deep neural network (DNN) algorithms in order to recognize tree species, growth patterns and tree water deficit-induced stem shrinkage characteristics Stem radius changes 2020 2021 Roman Zweifel WSL
Vegetation MapCland UAV LiDAR scannning Above-ground biomass, lidar close-range point cloud data (ecosystem geometry), multispectral close-range data (ecosystem spectroscopy) 2021 2021 Thomas Friborg Copenhagen University (KU) Dept. of Geoscience and Natural Resources Management (IGN)
Vegetation LWF Regeneration Sampling Long-term Forest Regeneration Monitoring in LWF Sites Seed production and seedling dynamics 2021 2022 Janneke Hille Ris Lambers ETH Zurich
Vegetation SwissFungi Distribution, red list status and ecology of all fungi known for Switzerland Fungi spores 2022 2023 Markus Schlegel WSL
Vegetation   Cold and heat tolerance of conifers across a climatic gradient in Switzerland Twig sampling 2023 2023 Alice Gauthey EPFL
Vegetation SwissPhenocam Country-scale automated phenology tracking from imagery Webcam images (Roundshot cameras) 2023 2027 Jelle Lever WSL
Atmosphere NABEL National Air Pollution Monitoring Network Air Pollution 1990   Christoph Hüglin Empa
Atmosphere Mercury monitoring Seasonal dynamics and spatial patterns of air Hg0 in Switzerland Air Hg0 concentration 2022 2023 Stefan Osterwalder ETHZ
Ecosystem Swiss FluxNet Ecosystem-scale CO2 and H2O vapour (at some sites also CH4 and N2O) eddy-covariance flux measurement sites in Switzerland. CO2, H2O, N2O, CH4 2004   Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Ecosystem CarboEurope IP Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance CO2 2004 2008 Nina Buchmann, Werner Eugster ETH Zürich

Ecosystem LWF Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research Meteorological data, Soil moisture, Ozone, Foliar concentrations, Atmospheric deposition 2007 or later   Arthur Gessler WSL
Ecosystem FoResp CO2 budget and respiration components in two contrasting forest ecosystems in the Alps: Are there similarities with boreal forests? CO2 2007 2010 Werner Eugster ETH Zurich
Ecosystem CarboExtreme The terrestrial Carbon cycle under Climate Variability and Extremes – a Pan-​European synthesis CO2 2009 2013 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Ecosystem GHG Europe Synthesis of the European Greenhouse Gas Budget CO2, CH4, N2O 2010 2013 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Ecosystem DendroNEP Linking dendrochronological information with net ecosystem productivity of forest ecosystems CO2, tree growth 2011 2013 Werner Eugster ETH Zurich
Ecosystem ProDoc Forest ecosystem responses to climatic drivers CO2, H2O 2011 2014 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Ecosystem iTREE Long-term variability of tree growth in a changing environment – identifying physiological mechanisms using stable C and O isotopes in tree rings tree growth, stable isotopes 2012 2016 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich


ICOS-CH Swiss contribution to the Integrated Carbon Observation System Research Infrastructure CO2, H2O 2013 2025 Nina Buchmann (National Focal Point) ETH Zurich

Ecosystem RINGO Readiness of ICOS for necessities of integrated global observations N2O, CH4 2017 2020 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Ecosystem Sino-Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation (SSSTC) Linkage between deposition and air-surface exchange of mercury in forest ecosystems: a comparative study between Switzerland and China Hg 2017 2020 Christine Alewell; Feng Xinbin     Uni Basel;  Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ecosystem FEVER Forest Vulnerability to Extreme and Repeated Climatic Stress CO2, H2O 2020 2023 Mana Gharun ETH Zurich
Ecosystem eLTER The Long-Term Ecological Research in Europe   2020 2024 Marcus Schaub WSL
Ecosystem EcoDrive Unravel the changing contributions of abiotic vs. biotic drivers of ecosystem gas exchange under weather extremes CO2, H2O 2021 2023 Nina Buchmann UZH, ETH Zurich
Ecosystem COCO COS and below-canopy CO2 fluxes of two Swiss forests: understanding land-atmosphere ecosystem exchange CO2, H2O, COS 2021 2024 Nina Buchmann ETH Zurich
Ecosystem   UAV-LiDAR and ML, for AGB regression and forest structure Obtain individual tree attributes from point cloud data scene and see how they compare with field measurements 2021 2023 Jaime Caballer Revenga KU Denmark
Ecosystem Trishna T-SEC Understanding and characterisation of energy balance in forests using TIR remote sensing Energy balance 2021 2027 Alexander Damm University of Zurich
Ecosystem Daylight and climate Does too much daylight in spring inhibit forests' CO2 uptake capacity? Leaf and canopy scale measurements 2022 2023 Yunpeng Luo WSL